TNT Committees

TNT Committees

Regional Training

Chairs: Brittany Davis

Mission: To provide classroom training to PSAPs in areas with little or no training resources while bringing attention to TNT.

The action items for this committee are:

  1. Create list of TNT Trainers, their geographical area, and their area of expertise
  2. Create list of ways that TNT can assist (pay for travel, trainer pay, sponsor food, etc.)
  3. Re-implement Train the Trainer sessions at TNT Meetings

EEOC (Educate, Encourage, Outreach, & Communication) Committee

Chairs: Kelle Hall

Mission: Provide outreach and education to agency administrators and TCs around the state about the Texas 9-1-1 trainers by encouraging participation and attendance.

  1. Compile database of agency administrators throughout the state to include contacting CSEC, MECDA cities & the alliance; SAT, Chief’s Association, Fire Chiefs, University PDs, EME directors, City Managers & County Judges, Chief Deputies Association, Office of Emergency Managers, State DPS Offices, Texas APCO & Texas NENA
  2. Create a list of the benefits for participating in the TNT group
  3. List of benefits of membership
  4. Educate and promote the Texas 9-1-1 trainers mission and communicate training opportunities throughout the state
  5. Communicate training opportunities throughout the state
  6. Encourage participation by Telecommunicators

SMH (Social Media Hotspot) Committee

Charlesetta Malone

Mission: Encourage Texas Trainers to engage, interact, and inspire each other through Social Media

  1. Create a TNT Blast (2-3) minute training
  2. Getting to Know Your Texas Trainer
  3. Dynamite Training (Kudos, accomplishments, trainee accomplishments)
  4. TNT News & Resources (TCOLE updates, Texas Telecommunicators in the News)

RRTC (Regional Representative & Regional Trainer Coordinator) Committee

Connie Chavarria

Mission: Facilitate opportunities for trainers to share solutions.

  1. Establish regions – possibly by COGs and Districts
  2. Assign trainers to represent each region
  3. Build kick-off meeting agenda
  4. Establish how to advertise/attract trainers to attend
  5. Reps hold 1st meeting
  6. Reps report back at quarterly TNT meeting

Online Outreach Committee

Tina Chaffin

Mission: To achieve ongoing training for Public Safety Professionals.

  1. Create a distribution email list
  2. Determine the wants and needs of our audience (survey/poll)
  3. Involve TNT members and instructors for training projects

If you would like to be involved with any of these committees, or you are a trainer who is interested in serving as a TNT representative in your area, please email TNT at

Please indicate if you would like to be added to the TNT email list.