TNT Scholarship

To assist public safety professionals in reaching a higher level of knowledge by participating in TNT. To provide 9-1-1 professionals financial assistance, when needed, for educational opportunities provided by attending the TNT meeting or TNT related committee activities.

The applicant’s employing agency must be financially unable or unwilling to pay the cost of attending the event.

Applicants must be employed by a 9-1-1 entity.

The applicant must not have received a scholarship in the previous program year.

The scholarship application is available to all TNT members.

Applications must be filled out completely, with required signatures, for consideration.


Scholarships will be awarded on January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15.

Recipients are eligible to receive registration for 1 to 4 TNT meetings, or expenses related to a TNT activity (meetings with TCOLE, representation at conferences, etc.).

Each awarded scholarship amount is not to exceed $500.


Scholarship recipients must attend the full event, excluding illness or unforeseen emergencies. In the case of an applicant being unable to attend the specified event, the applicant may re-apply to attend a future event. However, scholarships are not transferable to another individual.

The scholarship recipient must provide receipts of all expenses to the TNT treasurer. These receipts should be provided within 10 days after the TNT meeting.


To be eligible, scholarship applications must be received by the TNT Treasurer during the appropriate application period. Applications for all meetings may be accepted during any open application period.

Applications for 1st quarter meetings/activities: August 1 – September 15.  Notified by October 15.

Applications for 2nd quarter meetings/activities: November 1 – Dec 15. Notified by January 15.

Applications for 3rd quarter meetings/activities: February 1 – March 15. Notified by April 15.

Applications for 4th quarter meetings/activities: May 1 – June 15. Notified by July 15.

Return this completed application by email to the TNT Board at
The application may be printed or completed electronically, however, it must be physically signed.

TNT Scholarship Application

Save and open in Adobe PDF viewer to fill the form out electronically. You must SAVE AS and rename to save your information!